Our Riverfront Park, Come Play!, Canoe around and drop a line, Breathe Deep, Wish you were here!

Everything you need to know about our unique neighborhood Riverfront Park.

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Welcome! Our Riverfront Park is One-of-a-Kind and Growing

You won't find anything like our Tarrington Riverfront Park anywhere else in Midlothian.

Boating and Fishing

Watersports right in your neighborhood. Fish with the kids, or get some exercise on that shiny new stand-up paddleboard. Our brand new multi-level dock brings you right down to the water's edge.

Get back to Nature

Our park is dotted with towering American Sycamores and healthy stands of Black Ash. Guess the height of the tallest Sycamore and win a prize!

Hiking and Biking

Our network of trails has expanded this spring, and continues to grow as we work towards realizing the Park's full potential. Take a stroll down the gravelled paths, or get off the beaten trail and go explore!


You'll see everything from a family of whitetail deer or a box turtle to great blue herons, bald eagles and the occasional snake. And that's just above the surface -- wet a line in search of a smallmouth bass or a blue or channel catfish.

Picnic and Barbeque Areas

Call in the kids with the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the brand new charcoal grills, and sit and relax on the two spacious Trex decks overlooking the scenic James.

Get Involved!

Our Riverfront Park is managed and maintained by community volunteers, and we'd love your help! Want to clear a new trail? Have a great idea on how we can develop the park? Please reach out!

I bring the kids down to the dock to fish all the time now because it's so easy. It's less than a mile from my house!

P. Behrooz

Park Committee members put a lot of their own time in to make our Park so great. Where do I volunteer to help?

Dr. Jake

The Riverfront Park is absolutely our favorite amenity in Tarrington!

B. Rose

Policies and Procedures

We know, this is the boring part of the site. But without rules there is chaos.
Find below everything you need to know to help keep our Park running smoothly.
Scroll using the dots to see more.

Register a Boat

The Riverfront Park policy on small craft storage allows for a single storage berth per household, and allows for more than one craft per berth, within reason.

Bring your boat to the Park

Claim any available, non-registered berth. We suggest locking your boat to the rack with a sturdy, weather-proof cable and combination lock (think: no key to lose in the water!).

Put your phone number on the boat and rack

Property tags are provided on or near the boat storage racks. Ensure your information is in a visible location so that your neighbors can contact you quickly in case of damage.

Note your berth number

You'll need it below. (Hope you get your favorite number!)

Waitlist if no Berths are available

Fill out the form below, leaving the Berth Number field blank, and we'll let you know when a berth becomes available.

Come back here

Complete the form below to register your berth with the Park committee. This site works well on mobile, so do it right from the Park before you forget!

Please note that it is Riverfront Park policy to remove boats that are stored and unused for a long period of time.

If a boat is determined to be abandoned and the committee is unable to contact you, your craft will be removed and may be left unsecured.

The committee, Park or neighborhood association will not be held liable for the loss of unsecured craft.

Please ensure all required fields are provided and try again.

Thanks for registering your boat. See you on the water soon!

Park Projects and Planning

We've iterated over a number of plans for the Riverfront Park, and we think the latest is the best yet.

We'll keep this section up-to-date with the latest plans and proposals for the use and development of the Park, as well as ongoing and completed projects.

As neighbors, we'd love you to get involved with the planning process and to help shape the future of our most unique neighborhood amenity.

Early Park Plan

Early Park Plan

2016, 04 Jul

Dock Installed

Dock Installed

2017, 04 Jan

Path Extension

Path Extension

2017, 04 Mar

Exploration Station

Exploration Station

2017, 20 May

Are you passionate about our Riverfront Park?

Want to get involved and help shape its future?
We'd love to have you join us. We're looking for people with good ideas to help with project planning and for people that just want to get their hands dirty (gloves optional).


Our phone number here




4101 Ashwell Dr, Midlothian, VA 23113